Clown Parties - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a price for a children's party?

To obtain a price for an upcoming party, you will fill out our price quote form, with the date, time and location of your event and then one of our customer service representatives will call you back within 24 hours with a price. At that time you have the option to book the party putting down a credit card booking fee, or you may discuss it with the rest of your group and give us a call back.

How soon should I book a children's party?

We recommend booking your event as soon as possible once you have a particiular date and time in mind. The sooner you book your event, the sooner you can get the word out to everyone with invitations and give others enough time to plan on attending your child's party and helping to bring a larger turnout. We can accommodate last minute events, however you need to be flexible on the date, and time so we can get the best fit entertainment you are looking for. We ask that you are very certain of the date and time and location at the time of booking your event. When a customer calls back and tries switching those items, it tends to cause disruption to our entertainers schedules as well as maybe affecting other booked company parties.

How do I pay the children's entertainer?

The entertainer will call you on arrival to your party location once they are parked. You will be asked to come outside and meet and pay the entertainer the cash amount that was agreed upon at the time of booking with our office. The cash amount is the entertainer's base pay for performing your party. This covers their time and gas on the road to travel round trip to and from your party location. It is industry standard that once the party is complete that you tip your children's entertainer at the end of the event. If you are highly satisfied with the service, please show our entertainer that in a generous tip at the end. Please keep in mind, entertainers only accept cash for their base pay and for tips. Entertainers do not accept any credit cards, debit cards, personal or company checks.

Should I hire a second children's entertainer?

This is not a requirement and up to the discretion of the party planner, host or hostess. However if you are putting on a very large party, you might wanna consider booking two entertainers to insure things run smoothly and all the children are attended to in a timely manner. When you fill out our online price quote form and put in the number of expected guests this will help us determine if a second entertainer would be suitable for your party or not.

Can we do an outdoor party?

We do offer outdoor parties that have adequate space to perform and operate. We will need access to electrical outlets and some shelter or covered areas incase of extreme sun or rain. If the weather doesnt cooporate for the party, you will need to have an indoor area at the same location for us to move the party if needed. The customer will be responsible for this and our entertainers do not bring any kind of tents, tarps or shelter devices. Please keep in mind that face paint and balloons work best on a medium outside temperature, not too cold or hot outside. Indoors are best places to host those type of events.

What time should I have the entertainer arrive?

In our years of experiene in booking children's parties, we recommend that you have the entertainer arrive about 30 to 45 minutes after the start time of your party. This will allow any guests that are running late to arrive and not miss out on the children's entertainment. Once the entertainer arrives and collects the cash base outside the party, it will only take about 5 to 10 minutes to set up for the event.

Do you cover our area?

As you can see on our website, we are an international company. The reason we need the price quote form filled out is the price of your party will be based on the geographical location and the type of party you are interested in booking with us, whethers its booking a clown, balloon artist, face painter, etc. There is no one set price for a party on a national or international level in this industry. If you find a company that books a large geographical area and has one set price, that would be considered a red flag. We talk the time to get all of your party information and get you a very accurate price without any last minute travel charges or up selling.

Do you use safe ink and face paints?

All products used are considered safe and sterile for all children including supplies and materials. We only use non toxic and hypo allergenic glitter, tattoo ink, and face paint. Anyone that appears to be ill or having any visable conditions such as infectious skin conditions, open sores, wounds, cold sores will not be face painted at any of our booked events. We understand this might cause some children to become upset or left out, however we can not deviate from this company policy.

What if I have to cancel my booked party or reschedule the event?

All booking fees are non refundable, not negotiable at the time of booking an children's party event. We can reschedule your party in the event you have to post pone it and apply the booking fee to that future date. We can not reschedule a children's party less than 48 hours before the event. This would be considered a cancellation and you would be out your booking fee that you have paid by major credit card.