Eric Male Exotic Dancer

Eric Male Exotic Dancer

Bio on Eric

After graduating high school and then onto college for four years to receive my B.S. Degree in Marketing, I enlisted in the United States Army for 4 years active duty. During my time in the Army, I worked in the field as a Paratrooper. I learned alot of discipline in my military basic training and active duty commitment. After completing my military time, I then decided to pursue starting a business involved doing appraisals for real estate. My business is very successsful however I seemed to miss some excitement in my life until I fell into becoming a male stripper. I was at a local dance club one night and a male revue show was there to perform. The club manager said that they had one guy not show up and then were short one guy. The club manager asked me if I would be interested in giving it a shot. I said at first, I dont know what I would be doing. He said just go out on stage and dance around and dance for the ladies on the stage in the chairs and take off your shirt. So they called me name, and I came out and did just that, the crowd went crazy, I felt like a rockstar! From that moment, I was biten by the stripper bug and now I have been doing it every weekend since. If you are looking for a real soldier that served his time in the military for ths country and looks pretty sharp in a uniform, then I am your man!

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We have White Male Exotic Dancers for the following themes:

Cop, Fireman, Doctor, Cowboy, Construction Worker, Pizza Delivery, Military, Business Man.

Our Male Strippers may offer some of the following types of activities at your upcoming event:

whip cream races, body shots, blindfold games, lap dances, raffles, ring toss games, stripper limbo and impersonation skits.

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