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Our Washington D.C. male strippers are some of the hottest guys available for your upcoming bachelorette or birthday party. When deciding to choose the dancer you want, please view our guys page and pick your four top choices. Also, when it comes to selecting a costume, you need to select three choices and he will wear one of the three. We highly recommend booking your event as far in advance as possible, since last minute parties are harder to cover. If you are looking to book a hotel party, we suggest that you have your party before 10pm, since many hotels crack down on noise after 10pm.

All of our Male Strippers in Washington D.C. stay at the parties from 30 to 60 minutes based on crowd participation and tipping. If you are looking to book two dancers, please be sure you have a minimum of 25 guests or more so the dancers are not fighting over tips.

Hosting Washington D.C. Female Strippers

When hosting a bachelor party, our Washington D.C. Female Strippers are considered hot and wildly entertaining. We recommend going with a 2 girl show since 2 girls are twice the fun and more interactive. Be sure to have a separate room for the ladies when they arrive so they can change and freshen up before starting the show. The girls will come out and single the bachelor to kick off the party and then do various lap dances and party games to get all the guys involved. We suggest all guys attending have between $20 to $50 each in tipping money per guy attending. Be sure to treat the girls with the utmost respect. If they feel threatend or unsafe, they will immediately end the show and leave with all their money earned.

Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.