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Omaha Male Strippers can show up any many types of costumes. We have men in uniform, or the hard working guy or maybe just a business man. The police officer is the most requested costume by far, with firefighter being number two choice in popularity. Many girls over look the fact that the business man has many options for a skit. Maybe he shows up as a disgruntled neighbor from next door about noise. Or maybe his car broke down outside and wants to use the phone and then hits on the bachelorette to kick it off. The entertainers are very good at coming up with scenarios at the last minute that will fit the situation at your party location.

When booking an entertainer in Nebraska, Omaha is considered our number one city for most requests. Lincoln would be the second most popular city in the state for bachelorette or birthday parties. When booking your Omaha Male Strippers, we suggest not waiting till the last minute otherwise we might not be able to cover it. Sometimes dancers have to travel in from out of the area to cover part of Nebraska, so always book in advance when possible. We also suggest that you inform all of your guests that an entertainer is coming to the party. You of course do not hav to tell the bachelorette or birthday girl, but if everyone else knows then they are prepared to be tipping.

Scheduling Omaha Female Strippers

Omaha Female Strippers are hard to come by and book up very quickly. We suggest booking your bachelor party well in advance to give the girls enough time prepare and make the drive to your location. Many guys try to go cheap and book one female dancer for a bachelor party. In our experience, we highly recommend booking the two girl show. This will yield twice the amount of fun and show your guest of honor you pulled out all the stops to make it a memorable night.

Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.