Clown Entertainment - Children's Parties

Breathtakers Entertainment, Inc. offers children's clown entertainment including balloon art, face painting, comedy magic shows, airbrush tattoos, and much more. Our performers are talented entertainers and are considered high energy, funny, and memorable. Their performances are directed towards children, however their comedy and funny personalities are also popular with the adults that attend our booked children's parties.

Our face painters are highly talented and creative and only use hypoallergenic supplies and high quality cosmetic grade face paint. The face painting supplies used are FDA approved, washable and water based. Any of our face paints can be easliy removed with just soap and water. Most face painting with typical designs take anywhere between three to four minutes per child. We have many detailed designs and colors of glitter to choose from at the time of application.

Our balloon artists are very creative and come with many colors of balloons to make such things as animal figures, funny hats and other shapes. They are very detailed oriented when they make a figure and typically can make something upon request. Balloon artists are a common crowd pleaser for most parties and tend to win over the adults in the crowd as well. This is one of our most requested types of parties and we highly recommend it if this is a first time booking a children's party.

Airbrush temporary tattoos are a crowd hit with all the children. The adults also like to take part in getting a temporary tattoo maybe of a favorite sports team, or company logo. Our airbrush artists come prepared with a book of many patterns and styles to choose from. They are also very creative and can modify a design by size or color if requested.

Our magic shows are the best way to give the birthday boy or girl the spotlight and be the center of attention during a magic trick. Our shows are highly entertaining and are designed to captivate the crowd's attention and make them wonder and guess how the tricks were done. The magic shows tend to run roughlly 20 to 25 minutes of excitement and surprises as the magician holds the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Since many children's parties are typically planned on a certain date and time. We highly recommend booking your entertainer far in advance so you can plan the rest of your day or evening and get out your invitations to all of your guests in a timely manner. We can accommodate last minute parties, however we have found in our experience that you will have a better attendance of guests when you plan these events at least three weeks in advance.

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