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Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, St. Albert, and Medicine Hat.

When it comes to Hotel shows, our Edmonton Male Strippers have done the most parties at The Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton with no issues. Many customers call us asking for a reference of a good hotel to do a party at, and we recommend this one based on our past experiences. When it comes to tipping, many of the guys will bring American dollar bills to change in for your money so you can tip with those instead of coins or fives. When the dancer arrives, please ask him if he has some with him or not and you can get change before the party starts. If you have a birthday party with two guest of honor, it would be great if you can have two chairs available for them to sit in the middle of the room. The best chairs for lap dances are with no arms or wheels and nothing bar height. We take pride in being able to send out some of the hottest guys available all over the 780 area code.

If you put police officer in your list of costume choices and the dancer shows up as that, there is lots of skits that can be done. Some are the police officer showing up for a noise disturbance, or an illegally parked car outside, or a car break in outside. Many of these can get people pretty frantic, which heavily depends on the dancer's acting ability and how authentic looking his uniform is. Many of our guys do this so much, that it comes second nature and they are very good at improving things. When he arrives to the party, he might take down the license plate number of the bachelorette's car parked outside and then come to the door knocking with a maglight flashlight drawn and lit up.

Many of our Edmonton Male Strippers are doing many parties in one night, especially on the weekends. It is vital to allow your dancer to park quickly and start on time. The guys also travel to other parts of Alberta on the same night, so time is a major factor. This holds true even more so during the winter months when extreme weather conditions can pose a threat or severly delay a dancer on a night of doing multiple shows. Please do all you can on your end to allow him to start on time and this will also get you more time of him performing as well.

We are your Adult Entertainment headquarters for:

bachelorette parties, stagette parties, stag parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

A stag party isn't a stag party without our Edmonton Female Strippers. We have some of the sexiest girls available locally and all over Alberta. Most stag parties will book and order the two girl show. It is twice the fun, and much more interactive with other games and shows the girls will offer. You have much more time with the girls and interaction when you book a party at your location, versus going to a strip club. At a strip club you have to pay premium for all drinks and travel costs, and have lots and lots of rules. The girls at parties have rules, and they will go over those rules before the party starts, but its not as strict as say a club setting. Be sure to have a parking spot designated for the girls when they arrive so they are safe and do not have to walk very far to get into the party location.

Coverage area includes:

Calgary-Edmonton-Red Deer-Lethbridge-St. Albert-Medicine Hat.

Always hiring experienced female and male strippers.