Arizona Strippers

We have Male Strippers and Female Strippers for

Bullhead City, Chandler, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Kingsman, Lake Havasu, Mesa, Phoenix, Prescott, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson, and Yuma.

Arizona Male Strippers are in high demand, especially in the great Phoenix area of the state. Some of our guys are capable of doing anywhere from two to up to seven or eight parties in one evening. With this being said, they really need to start all parties on time since running late on an early party can throw them off all night long. Please provide available parking either on the street or in a parking space easily accesible to the party location. As your dancer makes his way inside, let him know where he may plug in any party lights or a boom box to play his music on. Please note that we perform all parties indoors, we do not do any outdoor events. The dancers costumes may get dirty or damaged outside and persons under 18 years old may accidentally see the show going on. Also, with extreme weather conditions such as high heat, rain or freezing temperatures we ask that you do your party indoors. When the dancer arrives, you may ask him about dancing ouside in a patio area or covered area, but that is ultimately his decision to do so.

Scottsdale Male Strippers tend to do a bulk of the parties at hotels in the local area. Some of the hotels we have done previous partie are as follows; The W Hotel, The Talking Stick Resort, Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel Valley Ho, Embassy Suites and many more. When our entertainers arrive to the hotel, we ask that you come downstairs to the lobby area to meet them and pay them their cash base on arrival. They will then follow you up to the room and then setup music and lights inside. Or the other option is, they will let you settle back into the room, and then knock at the door and go through a skit to single out the guest of honor. For example, if the dancer shows up as a Hotel Security or Police Officer, he might knock at the door for a noise disturbance call.

Many of our Phoenix Female Strippers also work in strip clubs locally. With this being said, many are not available for last minute events since they are on a schedule at the club. We ask that if you book a bachelor party, try to book it in advance so the girls have enough time to prepare and get someone to cover their shift at the club. Many of the girls prefer dancing with a partner, someone they know well and work with regularly. Many of the girls do not like going out as the only dancer to a party. Keep this in mind when obtaining pricing for your upcoming party. The booking agent might inform you that we only have a two girl show available, and if that is the case then you now know why. The girls rely heavily on the tips. So for a party that has two girls dancing, most of the girls will split the tips after the party is over and then if they have a security driver, they have to tip him out as well.

Coverage area includes:

Bullhead City-Chandler-Flagstaff-Grand Canyon-Kingsman-Lake Havasu-Mesa-Phoenix-Prescott-Scottsdale-Tempe-Tucson-Yuma.