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We have Male Strippers and Female Strippers for

St Louis, Springfield, Independence, Kansas City, St Charles, and St Joseph.

St Louis Male Strippers are available for prebooked parties and last minute events locally and will travel outside the area to kick off the party. We get the most requests in St Louis for Black Male Strippers. We have all races and types of guys available for any upcoming adult party. If you are looking to book a party at a college dorm room or at a sorority house, be sure it is all girls in attendance. We had issues in the past where when the parties have a very young audience, problems tend to arise if it is not all women attendees. When you speak with the booking agent over the phone, please let him or her know if any gay males are attending the party. We do not disciminate and gay males are welcome to watch any of our events. Also it is common for a birthday party to have a mixed crowd of men and women attending, especially family members. We welcome everyone that is 18 and over to come and watch any of our booked events for birthday parties.

Male Strippers in St Louis not only perform doing bachelorette parties but they are also available for office parties. Our most popular office party skit is having the male dancer show up as a job applicant or a UPS Driver to deliver a package that unwraps itself. We highly recommend if you are planning on having a stripper to come to the workplace, please get cleared with your company owner or manager before booking. We have had situations where the dancer shows up to an office and then someone in management forbids the dancer to perform.

We are your Adult Entertainment headquarters for:

bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

Our St Louis Female Strippers will travel to your location whether it is a house, apartment, hotel room or a parked party bus. Most of our girls are available on Friday and Saturday nights since that is when most of the parties take place. If you are looking to book a weeknight show or during the day, you really need to pre book that in advance. Many of the girls are only available on weekends and many also work professional jobs during the week. With this being said, it makes weeknight and daytime parties more challenging to cover.

We do not book the female entertainers wearing costumes, only the male dancers. However if you have something in mind, you can mention it to the booking agent. The agent will pass along the information to our dispatch group, and if the dancer that ends up getting booked has that costume, she will try her best to wear it. If you provide a costume for a dancer, you will have to wait till she arrives and it will be up to her if she is ok with wearing it or not.

Coverage area includes:

St Louis-Springfield-Independence-Kansas City-St Charles-St Joseph.

Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.