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Many of our Sydney Male Strippers work professional jobs during the Monday to Friday schedule and treat dancing as a second job or for extra money. We do have others that specifically just dance and do drive some of the female entertainers and act as a security person for their shows. If this is a first time booking a hen party, no need to worry just navigate over to our FAQ page and we have lots of videos and content to answer most questions people may have. Whether you are planning a party at a hotel room, on a party bus or just at your private home, no problem we can assist you in the booking process. Our team is very experienced and can answer most questions that are not on the website. In this industry their are many times things need to be modifiied or figured out for things to run smooth. Maybe you are having the party on a boat, or the guest of honor is in a wheelchair, not a problem we can come up with the best way to hostess your party.

We have a male stripper in Sydney that goes by the name, "12 Gauge". He recently shared the details of a party he completed for us at The Glemore Hotel. The girls wanted to have him to pretend to be a maintenance man with the hotel coming to look at a problem with a toilet. The dancer knocked on the door and was dressed as a repair man and they escorted him to the toilet and he proceeded to take a look. He then was plunging the toilet and then had a condom wth some lotion inside it and tied in a knot in the end. He came walking out of the bathroom with this condom dripping of water and said I think I found the problem. All the girls screamed and said ew don't let that drip on the carpet and they all started asking among themselves who threw that in the toilet? Everyone started to laugh and then the dancer started his music with his bluetooth music from his phone to his speaker and the whole room went crazy.

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bachelorette parties, hen parties, stag parties, bucks parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

We had two Sydney Female Strippers recently do a bucks party for 25 guys at an office party. One of the gentlemen was retiring and the staff decided that this would be the best gift and best way to send him off into retirement. So the girls showed up on his last day of work and they were dressed like they both were there to be interviewed. So the first girl was escorted into a conference room while she was being interviewed by the guest of honor. Whlle the interview was happening, the girl was acting rude and demanding and making him upset. While this was going on, the 2nd girl barged into the room and she said oh I brought a friend to my interview but sorry shes late. The guest of honor was shocked and said no one in their right mind brings a friend to an interview! She then said, well we are more hands on and we wanna show you why Im qualified and what double trouble is all about! He said what are you saying to me, and then the music started and the whole rest of the office came running into the room. The guest of honor's face turned beat red and the party was at high energy and commenced!

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Sydney-Newcastle-Wollongong City-Gosford-Albury-Nowra-Coffs Harbour-Maitland.

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