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St. John's, Corner Brook, Mount Pearl, St. George's, Deer Lake, and Lewisporte.

St John's Male Strippers are technically impossible to come by especially since we have been in business since 2005 and we have not had one guy apply to our company yet. If you are reading this page and you are a fit in shape guy, or you know someone with that look, please have them refer to our hiring page on the website. We prefer and almost always send out only our best experienced guys to represent the company and do parties. However in very hard to book areas such as Newfoundland, we are open to giving some new talent a shot at a great part time job. Many male dancers can make between $200 to $300 in perforrming for a one hour party. That is great money for a part time gig and especially for people wokring full time during the week or colllege students. This job is typically an Friday or Saturday night type of schedule. Once you get into doing this work, its very addictive and hard to get out of it. It is definitely a great way to be motivated to stay in shape. The main focus is to be lean versus just big and bulky. Women prefer a lean physiique with muscles. The biggest challenge in finding new male dancers is a guy thats in shape and good looking typically has a wife or girlfriend and they will almost always give the friction about doing the job.

We are your Adult Entertainment headquarters for:

bachelorette parties, stagette parties, stag parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

St John's Female Strippers are also non existent and nobody has applied to our company since we began operating over 14 years ago. Female entertainers can really make a large sum of money in this business. Many girls can expect to walk away from a bachelor party with about $300 to $400 for an hour of work. This allows for people to have extra money to pay down debts or just work this and another part time job and have more free time. Again, just like for the males, this is so ideal for college students. We do highly suggest that all female entertainers retain their own security driver for any event they go to do a performance. We believe that safety is number one and females are at much more risk of danger than male dancers in a party situation. So its very much recommended that any girls wanting to dance have a male they can have along with them to watch out and go ove rules with the guys at any party. So if you are a outgoing, in shape female looking to make extrra money, please go visit our hring page here on the website and text over your information.

Coverage area includes:

St. John's-Corner Brook-Mount Pearl-St. George's-Deer Lake-Lewisporte.

Always hiring experienced female and male strippers.