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Armagh, Belfast, Derry, Lisburn, and Newry.

Belfast Male Strippers are an essential for a typical hen party weekend for the girls. To plan out a successful hen weekend would involve having daytime and nighttime things to do. A great way to kick off the evening is with pre drinks and then head out for a nice dinner somewhere in the city centre. Some of the pubs our customers have frequented are Fibber Magees, Filthy McNasty, and The Spaniard. Some of our customers have gone and done The Titanic Experience or gone to do a Game of Thrones tour by bus. You can book one of our guys into your hotel room or your flat or into a pub with the owner's permission.

Male Strippers in Derry typically will drive up from Belfast to do your private parties or events. We recommend that you stay close to your mobilie phones on the night of the event so you and your scheduled entertainer can stay in contact. This is important incase the dancer gets lost or is running late and you can be in communication. We have had situations when dancers have arrived to a location to perform and the girls have sat their phone down or they dont hear the ringer and the dancer is waiting and wondering what is going on. So please have your phones close by, ringers turned up and be ready to greet your performer. If you are having an early night party, then its standard practice to hit some pubs afterwards in Derry, such as Sugar, Blackbird, and Badgers Bar just to name a few.

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bachelorette parties, hen parties, stag parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

Belfast Female Strippers are available for pre booked events or last minute. However we recommend it is ideal to book at least two weeks in advance so you can do all of the proper party planning duties. A typical party will have at least 10 guys attending and on up to 20 or more guys. Dancers do feed off of a larger crowd with the noise and energy involved. Our two girl show is very popular with most stag parties being booked by our regular customers. Two girls equates to twice the fun and twice the show. When you get a group of guys together and pool all of your money, you can find it easily affordable in a group setting. It goes without saying that all adult entertainers work on tips during all stages of their performance. Be sure that you and all of your guests are financially prepared before your entertainers arrive.

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Always hiring experienced female stripper and male strippers.