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Glasgow Male Strippers will come to your location whether its a house, apartment or a private room in a pub. Please be aware if you are booking a dancer to goto a pub, get the owner's permission first before ever booking an entertainer with our company. If you do not do that, and the entertainer shows up and is forbidden to perform, you will be out your booking fee and get no show, so you do not want that happen to you! The guys are available for topless waiter, buffed butler services as well. This is standard for parties that are not so focused on a strip show, but more having a good looking guy there that can visit with the ladies and serve drinks and food. Those situations usually are booked for two to three hour segments and for larger crowds of 40 or more people, we recommend booking two guys. As far as a strip show goes, we can book it down to g string or fully monty depending the what your needs are going to be. If you are an early party and eveyrone is conservatiive, we suggest a g string show. But if you are wild and over the top and ready to have some serious fun, then the fully monty is probably more suitable for your hen party.

Male Strippers in Glasgow are definitely a key essential to any hen party night as the center of attention. You should also consider planning a dinner before or after your stripper arrives and drinks should be in the mix as well. It is always good to get everyone a bit loosened up before the dancer arrives and gets the crowd going. The last think you want is 15 girls there and only 4 feel confident enough to participate while the other 11 are scared and too shy. That doesn't make for a very good party for either the crowd or the dancer scheduled.

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bachelorette parties, hen parties, stag parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

Glasgow Female Strippers are ready for pre booked parties and last minute stag parties typically on Friday and Saturday nights. This is when 90% of the adult parties occur booking out strippers. We are very picky on the girls we send out and our mission is for our customers to enjoy the shows and the girls that work for us to make the best tips possible. It is a two way street, the better the tips and crowd energy, the more of a show the girls will put on for everyone. It is give and take with entertainers and audience interaction. If you are not down for a strip show, you can always have the girls come to do topless waitressing or serving for your guests. This will go for about two to three hours and you can book one up to three girls for this service in Glasgow. The girls can serve drinks, food and other refreshments to your guests while providing some of the hottest eye candy to be seen in the area. This can also go off well for upscale crowds the wanna keep it tame yet provocative setting.

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Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.