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Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Port Augusta and Port Lincoln.

Adelaide Male Strippers are available in various looks such as guys with dark hair, blonde or some bald. When you are ready to book your upcoming hen party, try to think of the type of guys the bride would like or her taste in men. We ask that you give us four names from of gallery and we will try to get you one of those four choices. If we are unable, then someone closely matching your choices would be booked. Most of the parties will run 30 minutes to a full hour based on how many girls are attending and how much they are partiicipating during the show. All entertainers whether they are male or female feed off of the crowd excitement and involvement. The dancer can only do so many things on his own, and its up to the crowd to do their part as well to make it a great party and something to talk about for years to come. Most of the guys will show up and knock on the door to kick off a stripper skit or they will have you blindfold the guest of honor which is typical.

Male Strippers in Adelaide do not mind driving to your location to get a party or event completed. We had a recent 21st birthday party at a private home. The dancer showed up as his car had broke down outside on the street and was asking to use someone's phone to call for help. Once inside after using the phone, he said he had to wait for a friend to come pick him up and then he started to interact with the crowd. He began hitting on the 21 yr old that the party was for, giving her a bad time and saying that he should take her out since it is her birthday. She decllined his offer but then he said, well I don't think you have a choice since all of your friends actually pitched in money together to hire me to be your date tonight! All the girls screamed and then the music started and he began a lap dance and performance for the birthday girl.

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bachelorette parties, hen parties, stag parties, bucks parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

Adelaide Female Strippers are typically very busty, outgoing and friendly. Shy or quiet people do not do well working in this industry. This is one of many criteria we look for when hiring and bringing on talent. The girls that work for us have good self confidence, can hold a conversation and are bubbly and fun. This business is not all about looks but personality factors right in there with it. Many people assume its just the exterior we look for but that is not true. We also hire girls that are intelligent and can think in a situation. If a girl isn't smart enough to follow her GPS to get to a party and doens't show up, how is that good business? It is not, and we do not tolerate anything so ridiculous as that so if one of your girls gets lost, she will call you immediately and ask you to guide her from where she is to the party location. This is why it is essential for all customers to pay close attention to their mobile phones on the night of a scheduled event with Breathtakers Entertainment, Inc.

Coverage area includes:

Adelaide-Mount Gambier-Whyalla-Port Augusta-Port Lincoln.

Always hiring experienced female and male strippers.