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Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

Our Texas Male Strippers are ready to go on Friday and Saturday nights for any last minute events you may have. When you hire one of our dancers, he will show up in costume with music, some party lights and be ready to single out your lady of the night. You don't have to be a very wild crowd to book a male dancer. We many times have sent out an entertainer to a very conservative crowd and the entertainer knows how to keep it tasteful. When your dancer arrives, be sure to let him know if you want a mild or wild show so everyone is on the same page. Our dancers come in all races and body types. Take a few minutes and view our Guys page for photos and information on some of the talent we book out for bachelorette or birthday parties. If you are looking to have two male entertainers show up at your party, please have at least 20 or more girls in attendance. The guys work on tips and if the crowd is too small, the dancers generally won't make enough in tips.

We allow our Dallas Male Strippers to have a 30 minute window of arrival to any party that we book. Sometimes the guys can run late depending on traffic, a previous party making him wait or having trouble finding the location. It is essential to stay close to your cell phones on the night of the show incase the dancer has to call to confirm or ask questions about your location and parking. In many cases on the weekends, the guys are doing multiple parties in one night, so it is very important to have your dancer start on time when he arrives and do not make him wait. If a few of your guests are running late, then they will just have to quickly get inside and enjoy the remainder of the show as its going on. The guys either will do down to a g-string or fitted boxer briefs. If you have a special request like you only want him to go down to boxer briefs only, then you need to tell the booking office that at the time of booking.

We are your Adult Entertainment headquarters for:

bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

We get lots of calls from guys calling last minute wanting to book our Dallas Female Strippers on the weekends. Most of these calls are taking place like after 1am or later. Now most of the girls have already been dancing most of the evening and some have already called it a night. When you are calling that late, many times its too late to cover it, but we will try our very best. We suggest not waiting that late to decide to book a dancer since the chance of getting one is very slim. It only takes a quick phone call or filling out our price quote form online earlier in the week and then we can get you an exact price. At that time you have the option to put down a debit or credit card to book and confirm your party. The customers that follow this practice are the ones that actually get a hot female stripper on a Friday or Saturday night.

Many of our girls available across the state of Texas also work in strip clubs. Many are not available to do last minute parties since they are tied to a schedule at their local club. With this being said, we ask that you book your bachelor parties in advance so we can easily accommodate your request. We will try our best to do last minute parties, but they do become alot more challenging to cover. If you call our booking office, one of our customer service representatives can better explain this and answer all of your questions.

Coverage area includes:

Amarillo-Austin-Dallas-El Paso-Fort Worth-Houston-San Antonio.

Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.