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Specializing in Bachelor and Bachelorette & Birthday Parties all across the United States.

We have strippers in all 50 states of the United States for any adult parties including bachelorettes, birthdays, bachelor, going away parties, and many more. If you click on the state above in the map shown, that will take you to the major city in that state and then you can get information about booking dancers in that area and view other cities in that state that we serve. Some of our dancers travel the country like gypsies and take work on the road as they travel. They keep us up to date via phone calls and text message of where they are and where they expect to be. Booking dancers is pretty standard procedure. You either book it over the phone or online and everytime one of our booking agents will talk with you over the phone and answer any and all questions that you may have.

There is no one set price for booking dancers for parties or club events. The market can vary depending on the state and how far a dancer has to travel to get the the party destination. We pay our dancers well, since we only bring on the best ones available. This allows us to retain customers for future events and keep our repeat business very steady. We as a company rely on repeat customers that enjoy our booked events and contact us back for their next adult party or show.

Always hiring experienced female and male strippers.


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