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Brigham City, Layton, Logan, Moab, Ogden, Provo, Salt Lake City, and St. George.

Utah Male Strippers are available for any upcoming girls night out events, including bachelorette and birthday parties. We have done numerous parties at the Little America Hotel on Main Street in Salt Lake City without any issues. Some hotels have a no party policy in effect and others just crack down on noise after 10pm. Those are things to take into account when hosting a party at a hotel room. If you are having your party at a house, be sure that you leave an open parking spot either on the street in front of the house or in the driveway for the dancer to easily park on arrival and be able to get this equipment inside. We ask that you have all pets out of the room the party will take place in so we do not have any distractions or disruptions during the show. Also, please close all blinds and curtains so neighbors and bystanders won't be watching the show from outside, which would include children as well. Sometimes its handy to hang a big ribbon or balloons on the mailbox, this is a great way for all of your party guests and the dancer to quickly point out your location easily.

The parties we book with our Salt Lake City Male Strippers generally run 30 to 60 minutes in duration based on tipping and participation. As long as everyone brings at least $10.00 to $20.00 each in tipping dollars, then most parties with a good size crowd should run around an hour long. We ask that when the dancer arrives, please let him start immediately. If you make him wait say 15 minutes, he has the right to deduct that time off of the time he is supposed to be entertaining. So if you want your maximum time with the dancer, just be sure you let him get started right away. The reason we have this rule, is so the dancer doesn't run late to his next party after yours. In the case he doesn't have another party following yours, he might be flexible and work with you on starting it a bit later with no time penalty.

We are your Adult Entertainment headquarters for:

bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

We have been very successful at booking Salt Lake City Female Strippers for last minute parties, same day service. Even though we are capable of doing this, we do recommend that you do not wait till the last minute and pre book your party in advance. When a last minute party comes in, the booking office and the dancers have to rush to get everything done and get to your party quickly. We have had dancers get speeding tickets trying to rush to a party, or when it is last minute the customers are not correct on the exact party address and end up giving us the wrong information. So it is better to pre book so there is time to go over everything and double check all of the information and enough time for the dancer to shower, freshen up and drive the speed limit to get to your party location on time with out any mishaps.

Coverage area includes:

Brigham City-Layton-Logan-Moab-Ogden-Provo-Salt Lake City-St. George.

Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.