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Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Petersburg, Richmond, Arlington, and Alexandria.

Many of our Virginia Male Strippers do parties at the hotels all along Atlantic Avenue Oceanfront area in Virginia Beach. Some of the hotels we have had success at are the Hilton Beach Oceanfront, Hilton Garden Inn and the Ocean Beach Club Resort. Those are just a few to name besides many others including some condominiums as well. If you looking to book a male dancer in a bar, we suggest finding a bar that has a private party room. Many times when you have the dancer come into a bar and dance in the middle it can be awkward with other male patrons there.

A popular party game that many of our guys play is called the Five Dollar Draw. Each girl attending the party will need to have a five dollar bill. She will need to write her first name on the bill and then place it in a hat. The dancer at the end of the show will draw one of the five dollar bills out of the hat and then he will perform a special dance and do something special for the winner! Another fun party game would be body shots where the girls lick off the alcohol off the dancer. The entertainer will pour half a shot in his belly button area and the girl will have to slurp it off before it runs off his body.

Our Male Strippers in Virginia Beach will travel all around the city and to outlying areas as well. If you want the dancer to say something special to the bride or birthday girl on his entrance, just let him know outside. It is always best to have a brief conversation with the male dancer before the show starts so all questions are answered and no one assumes anything to happen or not. Please be aware, we do not book the male dancers to go nude under any circumstances. The guys will typically strip down to a g-string, full back, or fitted briefs. We pride ourselves in keeping our shows classy and not sleazy or in bad taste. Many women would be offended by a male dancer going nude in our experience and it also can put people in uncomfortable situations.

We are your Adult Entertainment headquarters for:

bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

If you book any of our Virginia Beach Female Strippers for any occasion, please be aware our girls only go down to a bikini if its in a bar or any parties with females in attendance. If it is in a private residence and everyone is being respectful, she could go topless to a g-string. If it is all guys attending in a private residence and the dancer is making good tips and everyone is being respectful, she might go nude, but it is up to her. We suggest you offer her something to drink and any clean towels incase she might need those during the event. Also please be sure everyone is 18 or over and of legal age to watch any of our adult entertainment events. The old saying is, the bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill, so be sure to that in mind if you wanna throw some larger bills and show your entertainer appreciation. Many of our girls are anywhere between 18 and 40 yrs of age. We do not book any party by the age of the dancer, but that is the general age range of the girls on our roster in the Virginia Beach, VA area.

Coverage area includes:

Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Chesapeake-Petersburg-Richmond-Arlington-Alexandria.

Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.