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A hen party without Cardiff Male Strippers is like having a cake with no frosting, it just isn't right. Give us a call to our booking office or take a few minutes to fill out our onlne price quote form and let our party planners come to the rescue. We book parties and events every week and know how to tacke the easy or most difficult situations imaginable. The guys out doing the parties are very knowledgable and know how to act quick and think on their feet. Much of this job is an acting situation to show up and pull of a fun skit and to shock the guest of honor. Most people do this as a surprise for the bride unless she is insisting she has to have a stripper then she of course knows. Most of the events take place during the evening hours, however we do get occasional office parties where we have sent out dancers during the day or morning time. Be sure if you are setting this up for like a birthday at a place of business that you get the owner or manager's permission, otherwise someone might lose their job over sending a stripper to the work place, and we do not want that to happen!

One of our male strippers in Cardiff was booked to goto a graduation party for a student attending Cardiff University. This was something her sister called and arranged with us over the phone since she had so many questions before booking. We sent out one of our guys that actually was attending the same school. He showed up as a pizza delivery person and went to the door with two pizza boxes. When the door was answered he said that he was there to deliver the meat lovers special with lotsa sausage. Everyone laughed and the girl it was for said we never ordered any pizza. He then said her name and the address and she said that was correct but I didn't order any pizza and the dancer said well I heard you are graduating college and since I have been working a very long shift and going on break soon, I would like to give you something extra. He then kicked off the music and flung the two boxes in the air and started dancing at her when she realized he was a stripper the whole room went crazy!

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We recently sent out two female strippers in Cardiff to perform for a guy's birthday party. Get this, his mother order the two girls for the party! She told her son that she hired a couple of house cleaners to come over and tidy things up at his place as a gift. When the girls arrived the son quickly realized that these girls were much hotter than average cleaning staff. He then was directing them around the house giving a tour and what needed to be cleaned. They then went into a bedroom and changed into sexy lingerie. They came out in heels and holding cleaning props with music playing and then everyone came running in from the back garden. The birthday boy quickly realized he had been tricked and then found himself quickly in the middle of getting a lap dance from both girls at the same time. His mother called our office the following Monday and said the crowd reaction and her son's reaction was priceless and the girls did a wonderful job. She said she would recommend our services to her neighbors and friends with upcoming events.

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