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Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Longview, Vancouver, and Spokane.

Washington Exotic Dancers are available to cover the entire state for your upcoming adult party. Please keep in mind that some areas are much harder to cover than others. A party in Seattle is very easy compared to covering something in Yakima. A bulk of our parties take place along the I-5 corridor from Olympia to Everett. We all know how the freeways can clog up very easily so that is why we have an arrival window for all parties booked. It is not realistic that you book a dancer at 7pm and he or she shows up at that exact time. We like to give a 30 minute window of arrival for the dancer to safely drive to your party location and start your party on time. Our pricing depends greatly on how far a dancer has to travel to your party location. Since we like to offer fair pricing and pay our dancers what they are worth, we ask that you fill out our price quote form online. Many of our competitors try to give one flat price for a whole state which just isn't realistic. This is a way to bait the hook with a low price upfront, and at the last minute hit you with a travel charge. We are very upfront from the start on what the price will be based on the city your party takes place in. Most people booking a party calculate how many guests are planning on attending and then split the cost equally among the group.

We are your Adult Entertainment headquarters for:

bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

Seattle Male Strippers specialize in delivering the best in bachelorette, divorce, birthdays, office parties and any other occassion needing a stripper. The dancers do drive themselves to your party location showing up in costume, with their own music and some guys even bring their own chair for the lap dances. Many will bring and set up party lights to bring that club feeling to your location. The guys are known to show up in costume and single out the guest of honor to kick things off. As far as the Female Strippers go, they show up in something sexy to strip out of and some will bring a security driver. We always say safety first, so we recommend the girls bring a driver, but not all do that.. Tipping is a huge part of the hosting a dancer at your event since it is what fuels the show. The more tips the dancers makes, they longer they will stay and the more into it they will get. The entertainer feeds off of the crowd just like any type of live show you might watch.

If you are having an office party, be sure to get permission from the owner or manager at work before deciding to just have a stripper show up. We have had experiences in the past when the dancer showed up to a place of business, the management freaked out and forbidded the dancer to perform. This is an unfortunate situation since the customer still had to pay the booking fee and the dancer's base pay and received no show. We do not want you to be that person, so please check before hand before booking a party in the work place.

Coverage area includes:


Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.