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Male Strippers - Hen Parties

Many of our Perth Male Strippers not only do house parties, but they also do club shows and male revues. If you are looking to have your male dancer show up as a hard working guy, we suggest a firefighter, or a construction worker. If your taste is more a man in uniform, then maybe a police officer or a military officer. A typical hen party will take place at someone's house where all the girls will congregate in a sitting room and the dancer will come in and single out the bride or birthday girl to kick things off. Many of the guys will focus their attention on the guest of honor but will also give dances to the other girls in the room to get everyone involved. At the end of the party, you may ask the dancer if they allow photos to be taken with him and all the girls.

Male Strippers in Perth book up very quickly so we highly suggest that you pre book your party in advance and not wait till the last minute. We do try to cover last minute hen parties, however sometimes we just aren't able to cover them. Most of the parties in Perth generally run up to 30 minutes in duration. The dancers do work on tips the whole time they are there, and if you keep tipping they could stay longer. If your dancer shows up as a Firefighter, he could pretend he is there to check a smoke alarm or that a small fire is moving through the neighborhood and he came to give you warning.

Perth Female Strippers

Bucks Parties

Perth Female Strippers are essential for any bucks parties or stag parties for the guys. We are very selective on the girls we recruit and send out to our adult parties. It is always better to book with an agency versus booking with a female dancer directly. The reason is, if the dancer for some reason has to cancel or doesn't show up, we as an agency can step in quickly and get another dancer out to you ASAP. Also, we only send out girls that are experienced doing parties for groups of men. Sometimes girls that have worked in clubs try to go do parties without experience doing them, and then they dont know what to do. Dancing in clubs versus dancing at house parties are two totally different types of jobs.

Always hiring experienced female and male strippers.