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Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, and Appleton.

Our Wisconsin Male Strippers safety is very important factor in having a successful adult party. What we mean by that is please do not have the jealous boyfriends and husbands lurking around the party location. We had a dancer some years ago that was ran over by a truck outside of a male revue at a club and killed. The guy was inside the bar watching the show and he got jealous of one of the dancers and waited for him outside when he was leaving the bar. The jealous guy jumped into his truck and hit the dancer and drug him across the parking lot. So this is a prime example to not have the guys hanging around the party location while the girls are trying to have their fun. We do not mind if you have any gay males that just wanna watch the show. The dancer's are not expected to give them lapdances however they are welcome to stay and watch the show with the girls.

When you book Milwaukee Male Strippers, many of them just don't show up and do just lap dances, many do party games. For example, some do whip cream races where two girls race to lick off the whip cream off of the dancer. Another game would be a blindfold game, where the guest of honor is blindfolded and has to use her teeth to take the money off of the dancers body while hes laying on the floor. Those are just two examples of some of the adult party games that male dancers play. Many of the guys come up with their own games and fun activities during the show. Please ask your dancer on arrival about his show and what all he does so you are all on the same page.

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bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, bon voyage parties, birthday parties, office parties, and divorce parties.

Most of our customers that rent Milwaukee Female Strippers have them for about an hour long. Now if all the guys are tipping really well and its a large crowd, many times the dancers will want to stay longer. When a dancer is making money, they don't wanna leave if they don't have to. Some customers call in an say how much to book a dancer for two hours? Our reply is, we don't book them for more than one hour. But, if you keep tipping she could stay past the hour, so its up to her and how the crowd is participating. So there is no extra charge from us to get her to stay longer, it is all about the tipping. Most of the bring a security driver that will have change on hand incase you need to break some bigger bills. Generally with female dancers, they are getting $10.00 and $20.00 per dance plus one dollar bills. Many guys are changing in $100.00 bills for twenties, or some will change in twenties for fives and ones to throw in as extra tips for the girls.

Coverage area includes:

Milwaukee-Madison-Green Bay-Kenosha-Racine-Appleton.

Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.